A treasure hunt in the Temple of Isis to discover the history and rituals of the lost Temple; a team game marked by cooperation and respect.

In the twilight the kids, flanked by a “weird” Indiana Jones, walk the halls equipped with small torches and, through a series of clues and solving puzzles, discover a lost magic symbol.

In the educational-interactive path the statues become alive and pose riddles. Mysterious characters, including the divine Isis, awaken from their millennial sleep to guide them in this extraordinary journey up to the finding of the deserved award.

Through the interactive game, kids can learn in an engaging and light way the extraordinary history of the temple wanted by the Emperor Domitian in Benevento dedicated to the magnificent goddess Isis.

The aim is to educate younger generations to love history and respect the cultural heritage that belongs to them.



The treasure hunt is scheduled by reservation (only on Thursdays)
Lengh: about 1.5 hours
Target group: Primary School





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