The kids-oriented museums network has been conceived in order to create an exclusive and dedicated museum itinerary, within the different exhibition facilities, to allow young visitors to interact with the collections on display.

The aim of the kids’ museums project is to involve children with games and short workshops by which they can also learn simple but basic notions. All the proposed workshops provide practical activities and give priority to the playful side of learning.

The didactic programs proposed, according to the level of school learning, are based on the pedagogy of discovery and of deepening and sharing observations.

The methodology provides direct experience with the collections and objects preserved.

In addition, to meet the multiple needs of the accompanying people, the following activities are foreseen:

– tours agreed and supported by specific teaching materials.

– creative workshops diversified by school grades and thematic areas.

Other special “dedicated” initiatives, with the contribution of a creative staff, are planned on the occasion of holidays and anniversaries, such as Christmas, Carnival and Halloween.



Kids’ museums also offer activities and creative thematic workshops organized for students of primary and secondary school of first and second grade.