Geobiolab is articulated into virtual reality, scenic reconstructions, “talking” machines, 3D films, photos, exhibits and laboratories for experiments, arranged on a surface area measuring about one thousand square metres, all to “explain” the secrets of Nature.

The tour is conceived to combine scientific and recreational activities under the motto “teach with delight“.

The project was started by Carmine Guarino, professor at the Università del Sannio. The program of scientific dissemination is signed by Paco Lanciano, who collaborated with Piero Angela in the science communication program “Superquark”.

Geobiolab, accessible to people with disabilities, is an educational-museum dedicated to the history of the Earth and the evolution of biodiversity.

The visitor is called to discover our planet with particular regard to the Samnium, thus discovering a wonderful world made of lights and colours that can, nonetheless, become violent and shocking.

Geobiolab takes the visitor back to the origins of everything and of the essential elements (water, plants, birds, etc.) that men often neglect or mistreat without knowing and understanding that this behaviour can have deep repercussions on their own lives.

It has, therefore, a high pedagogical and educational value and is very useful to young and old students because it ensures moments of joyful and constructive learning of solid notions of geology, botany and zoology.

The adventure combines scientific research and recreational activity bringing together virtual reality, 3D movies, photos, scenic reconstructions, exhibits, “talking” machines and workshops.

The guided tour is divided into two macro routes on the themes GEO (Earth) and BIO (Life). It explores the processes that led to the formation of the Earth’s crust, volcanic phenomena, the water cycle but also the birth of flora and fauna and the diversification and proliferation of species.

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  • REDUCED: € 2,00 – for schools and groups of at least 20 people
  • FREE– for guides and accompanying teachers.


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